Cruise weddings in USA are usually small events where a party of 15-30 members of the bride and groom embark on the ship on the embarkation day. Vows are exchanged and marriage is over in an hour or two. Then the rest of the party will disembark the ship and the married couple will continue on the cruise and enjoy a perfect honeymoon. These complete packages are a rave and the most cost effective and satisfying. Some time the close family members might also cruise along with the couple and it becomes a great family experience.
In India cruise wedding are just picking up in the area of destination weddings. Because Indian weddings are a big affair, cruise companies are offering all the necessary support the wedding planner would need. Now we have Jalesh cruise also from India where they have facility for havan and variety of Indian veg food. The ship will be mostly have home port of Mumbai which would become the most cost effective, adventurous and luxurious experience for the wedding party.
We at redCruise tie up with wedding planners and give you a complete end to end solutions for your wedding plans.