On board the ship there are many pleasurable activities which will keep you entertained and fill your senses with peace and joy or adventure and thrill whichever you seek.

To gratify your taste buds with the never ending choice of food to soothing massages its a 24×7 experience on board a cruise ship. 


Atrium is the central hall of the ship usually located in midship at a lower deck. Here you will find Guest Relations for your queries and customer support. Next to it you will find Destinations expert at the Shore Excursions desk. Here you can book your tours on land.

Dining room

Every cruise ship will have a central dining room, where at one sitting half the total capacity guests can be seated. This is where all the formal night dinner would take place. There are usually two seating times. First sitting at 5.30 pm and second sitting at 8 pm. Dinner will be included in the cruise fare except beverages which would be charged.

There are also other specialty restaurants on board where one needs to do advance booking and pay a nominal sum like $20 per person. This fine dining would have a regional or specific food and beverages to offer. These restaurants are small in size.
Then there are also many bars situated at every deck of the ship from atrium bar to sports bar. Beverage and alcohol are chargeable each drink or you can buy an unlimited package.

Gift Shops

Shopping for mementos, toys, duty free goods like tobacco and alcohol, clothes, jewellery, watches and other luxury items would be part of the Gift Shops. This can be same as in an airport and prices that cannot be matched elsewhere.


This is where you can let out the women in you and be spoilt, with beauty treatments like pedicure and manicure to facial treatments and hair treatments. They have many detox treatments and many types of massage with different oils. They also have weight reduction programs and acupuncture sessions. Also for men they have similar offers.


Gambling games like Black Jack, Poker, Craps, Baccarat and slot machines will keep those interested busy in the night. Casino is only open while sailing because of port rules.

Photo & Video Gallery

A typical cruise won’t be complete without your cruise photographer who will greet you at the embarkation, and take photos on many occasions like formal night where there will be studios set up. You can then view them in the gallery and bill it to your room.

Theatre Entertainment

This is the hall where you will see the dance shows and many entertainment activities. Each ship has a dedicated cast team who rehearse with dedication and present their shows every evening. Sometimes you will also have other shows like Magic show, presentations, movies etc.


These are divided into three standard format. Inside cabin, where the room has no outside view. Ocean-view, where there will be one porthole window with glass. Balcony, these are mostly suites and the size of the rooms are also biggest with sofa and other facilities according to there price. House keeping is standard as five star hotels but cabins are small compared to hotels for obvious reasons.

Lido deck

This is a common buffet area called Lido, its at the top or last deck of the ship. Its also a promenade deck. There will also be a swimming pool and other sports activities on this deck, from rock climbing, mini-golf, to water slides on some ships.